The Discrete Math Project

The Discrete Math Project

I recently bought Discrete Mathematics for Teachers by Ed Wheeler and Jim Brawner. I have a bit of a habit of buying math books. Learning about math – even if it’s unrelated to the curriculum I teach –  makes me a better teacher. While I’ve taken a bunch of education courses over the last few years, it’s been quite some time since I took a math course. I’ve decided to replicate that experience by working through this textbook. I’m excited!

Discrete math is not an unfamiliar subject to me. I learned a fair amount of discrete math in high school, and as part of my math degree, I took a course in discrete math. I’ve specifically taught sequences, combinatorics, and probability, and I’ve also touched on some set theory and logic. I hope to learn some new things and to refresh some knowledge tucked deep away in the furthest recesses of my brain.

My plan is to work through roughly one section each week. I’ll probably do it on Friday or Saturday night. That’s just how my social life works. There are 39 sections, so in theory, this project could take me the better part of the year. As I go along, I’ll certainly explore certain topics in more depth, and I welcome suggestions for avenues that I might pursue. For each section, I hope to put together some sort of blog post – an interesting problem, curriculum connections, etc.

The following quote from the Preface stood out to me:

The goal is to develop teachers who not only know the mathematics they are teaching, but also understand the larger mathematical context in which the mathematics they teach has life.

My content knowledge has enriched my teaching in so many ways. I look forward to continuing to develop it in the coming weeks. I invite you to join me on this journey.

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