Highlights of the Desmos Art Project

Highlights of the Desmos Art Project

Aren’t those syrup bottles just wonderful? “Snowcone” by Gabby D hints at the joy and the limitless possibilities of making art using the Desmos Graphing Calculator. Gabby’s artwork may be minimalist, but I think it perfectly captures the essence of her subject.

In two years of asking students to make an art project on Desmos, I’ve seen impressive creativity, excellent problem solving, and tremendous persistence. I’ve used this project as a culminating assessment at the end of a linear functions unit. Here are some highlights from these first two years.

Curved Straight Lines by Abby N
“Curved Straight Lines” by Abby N
Bmo by Kyle K resized
“Bmo” by Kyle K
UFO by Fiona D resized
“UFO” by Fiona D
Minecraft Creeper by Emma B resized
“Minecraft Creeper” by Emma B
Thanos Sword by Grayden H resized
“Thanos’ Sword” by Grayden H
Yoda by Evan K resized
“Yoda” by Evan K


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